How can live streaming help your organization?
Let us use our streaming expertise and cost-effective pricing to help you reach a larger audience, raise awareness of your charitable mission, promote your products or services and increase revenue. Sounds like a tall order? Please don’t take our word for it.

“This video-on-demand virtual offering has not only increased our overall earned ticketed income but has also generated a worldwide audience (Australia, Great Britain, and Taiwan!) for our choruses and concerts."  - Michael Sattler, Executive Director, Rocky Mountain Arts Association

For non-profits
We provide our streaming services at zero upfront costs for ticketed events! Our modest rate is covered by ticket sales, with all profits donated to you. We will take care of filming and setting up the stream, simply providing you with a link where your patrons can purchase their tickets.

For your business
Create a buzz around your latest widget, gadget, or service with a live event, think Apple*. The countdown to your event builds anticipation and excitement all over social media. Streaming is also perfect for internal communications, training videos, announcements, conferences, and stakeholder meetings.

* Turtleneck optional.

the stream team